Indoor American Flag

An indoor American flag is the type that you see in offices, schools, on stages, or in a parade.  It’s specially built to mount on a flagpole with flannel lined headings to prevent wear and let it hang naturally.

Nylon is the most popular indoor American flag material.  It holds bright colors well and is often lighter than other materials.  That helps it hang more naturally, fly in the breeze better, and be easier to carry.  Nylon also has a natural gloss and holds it’s color well with age.  It doesn’t stand up to wind wear well, though, so nylon should not be your choice for an everyday outdoor flag.

Polyester is the top choice for an indoor American flag.  Polyester is stronger than nylon and stands up to wind and storms best. Its finish isn’t as glossy as nylon and although it holds it’s color well, with wear polyester may appear a bit duller than nylon.

Cotton is the traditional flag material.  It shows colors better than nylon or polyester, and because of it’s bulk, cotton presents the traditional flag “look” as it drapes.  On the downside, cotton is the most expensive material, and the least long lasting.  Cotton also soaks up water, so carrying a cotton flag can get heavy, and cotton flags mat requires more cleaning.

The best flag for the job is usually:

  • Nylon for indoors or occasional parade use.
  • Polyester for everyday outdoor use.
  • Cotton for a traditional or formal presentation.

There are three common sizes:

  • 3×5 foot is the most popular office flag.  Display it on an 8-foot flagpole.
  • 4×6 foot flags go on a 9-foot flagpole and is best in larger rooms or churches.
  • 5×8 foot U.S. Flags fit only in large areas or auditoriums.  Display these big flags with a 12-foot flagpole.

Shoppers Guide:

Indoor flags are often sold in sets.  Here’re some ideas from, our top quality vendor:

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